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Dive Deep into Adventure: Unforgettable Cenote Expeditions with Scuba Total Cancun

Craving a truly unparalleled dive experience? Look no further than Scuba Total Cancun's cenote expeditions! Mexico boasts the crown jewel of cavern diving: the Riviera Maya cenotes, recognized by the Guinness World Records for their unrivaled network of underwater caves and caverns.

Imagine exploring miles of majestic limestone caverns, once dry and now adorned with breathtaking stalagmite and stalactite formations sculpted by millennia of dripping rainwater. Each cenote acts as a portal to an intricate maze of crystal-clear freshwater caverns, boasting exceptional visibility that stretches over 500 feet – an unforgettable adventure awaits!

The beauty lies in the diversity. Every cenote possesses its own distinctive characteristics, transforming each dive into a completely fresh experience.

Ready to unlock the magic? While any Open Water certified diver can explore a cenote (with a minimum of 6 dives recommended), for optimal safety, we pair you with a highly-experienced Full Cave Diving Guide ( RAFA ) Their extensive knowledge of the caverns, accumulated through thousands of dives, ensures a secure and unforgettable exploration. 

Don't settle for ordinary. Dive into the extraordinary with Scuba Total Cancun's cenote expeditions. Contact us today! 


● For certified divers only. (From any official certifying agency. Minimum level: open water diver / minimun 6 dives).

● Scuba Divers Minimun age 15 years or older

● People with any medical problem  as asthma, hypertension, heart or respiratory tract (ears, nose, lungs) problems cannot dive unless they bring medical authorization.

General info on Dives

● 2 tank Cenote dives

● Full Cave Diver personal instructor with more than 25 years / 7000 dives (1:4 max)

● All diving equipment + dive light + long wetsuit

● Water temp:72 /75 year round

● Wave Conditions: none

● Current:very soft

● Depth:Usually 30 to 40 feet deep ( Depends on the cenote)

● Snacks & water during trip

● Tacos or something to eat on the way back

● Round trip transportation from  / cancun - cenote / cenote - ­cancun

● Check transportation times



Rates are shown in U.S. Dollars  

Credit Cards & Paypal fees may apply

A scuba diving instructor in Chac Mol cenote guiding a student diver through the crystal-clear under
A silhouette of a scuba diver explores a submerged cavern in Chac Mol cenote, bathed in shafts of su
Sunlight streams through the opening of Tajma Ha Cenote, illuminating the turquoise water below.
A view of the Chac Mool Cenote entrance, sunlight filtering through the jungle canopy to illuminate
A lone scuba diver descends into the depths of Angelita Cenote, a mysterious underwater cavern.
A group of scuba divers explore the sunlit depths of Chac Mol cenote, their figures silhouetted agai
single scuba diver descends into the depths of El Pit cenote, sunlight filtering through the clear w
Majestic stalactites hang from the ceiling of Chikin Ha cenote, creating a mesmerizing underwater vi
: A scuba diver explores the mystical depths of Maravilla Cenote, sunlight filtering faintly from ab
Two scuba divers prepare to enter the underwater cavern of Little Brother cenote, part of the Chac M
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