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Snorkel with Whalesharks


7.30  from Cancun


14.30 to your Hotel


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Whale Shark Tour in Cancun with Scuba Total

Jump into an unforgettable adventure and explore the incredible world of whale sharks in Cancun with us!

Experience the peace and tranquility that comes from swimming alongside these gentle giants of the sea. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the whale shark migration occurs each year between May and August. If you're planning a trip to Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, or Tulum during these months, don't miss out on this extraordinary experience.

On many occasions you can swim with up to 10-15 whalesharks and due to their gentle and curious nature this will be an exciting experience full of adrenaline.

This is a safe snorkeling that will be monitored all the time.

Join us for a whale shark tour and create memories you'll cherish forever. Swim with these magnificent creatures and share stories of your adventure for years to come!

Why Choose Our Whale Shark Tour?

  • Experienced Guides: Our knowledgeable and friendly guides have years of experience, ensuring your safety and providing fascinating insights about these gentle giants.

  • Small Groups: We keep our tour groups small ( 10 pax max on the boat / and swiming only 2 at the time ) to offer personalized attention and a more intimate experience with the whale sharks.

  • Top-notch Equipment: Enjoy your adventure with our high-quality snorkeling gear, ensuring comfort and optimal viewing.

  • Eco-friendly Practices: We are committed to sustainable tourism, following guidelines to protect and preserve the whale sharks and their habitat.

Cancun Whaleshark trip: What to Expect

  • Morning Departure: Our tour begins with a convenient morning pickup from your hotel in Cancun.The hour of your pick up depends on the location /Tulum: 5:50 am./Playa del Carmen: 6:10 am. / Cancún: 7:30 am .We will confirmthe exact time  when you have completed your reservation.

  • Scenic Boat Ride: Enjoy a beautiful boat ride to the whale shark feeding grounds, taking in the stunning coastal scenery along the way.

  • Snorkeling with Whale Sharks: Once we reach the site, you'll have the opportunity to snorkel with these magnificent creatures, observing them up close in their natural environment.

  • Refreshments: We provide snacks and beverages on board to keep you refreshed throughout the tour.Lunch of fish or shrimp ceviche

  • Memorable Moments: Capture the experience with your camera, or let our professional photographers take stunning shots for you.

Whale shark tour Details

  • Season: Our Whale Shark Tours are available from May to September, during the peak migration season.

  • Duration: The tour lasts approximately 6-8 hours, including travel time.

  • What to Bring: Swimsuit, towel, sunscreen (reef-safe), hat, sunglasses, and a camera.

  • Included: Round-trip transportation, snorkeling gear,breakfast, snacks, lunch,and drinks.

 Breakfast 7.40 .We depart at 8.00  aprox 50 min sailing , once we reach the feeding area we will spend approximately 3 hours snorkeling with the Whale Sharks  at list  2-3 times per snorkeler

Afterwards we will stop off to snorkeling on a  reef close to Isla Mujeres. When you get back on the boat there will be your lunch waiting , then we will head back to Punta Sam at 14:30 approximately.

  • Federal Tax & pier ( NOT INCLUDED )   20  USD

PRICE 170 USD + 20 USD fedtax

Rates are shown in U.S. Dollars  

Credit Cards & Paypal fees may apply

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