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Snorkel with Whalesharks


7.30  from Cancun


14.30 to your Hotel


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GO Snorkel with “The Gentle Giant of the Sea”

Come explore the incredible world of the whale sharks in Cancun and enjoy the experience of a lifetime with Us

 The Whale Shark conveys peace and tranquility; swimming alongside this gentle giant of the sea  ,is a life time experience  . The Whale Shark migrates each year between May and August, so if you are planning a trip to Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, or Tulum during these months, don't miss the incredible opportunity to swim with the Whale Sharks  and take home an experience that you will talk about and share with

Tour starts with a pick up at your hotel. The hour of your pick up depends on the location We will confirm the exact time  when you have completed your reservation.

  • Playa del Carmen: 6:10 am

  • Cancún: 7:30 am

  • South of Playa Del Carmen: 5:50 am

At 8:00 we depart with the boat to search for the Whale Shark & Mantas  for aprox 50 min, once we reach the feeding area we will spend approximately 3 hours snorkeling with the Whale Sharks & Manta Rays at list  2-3 times per snorkeler

Afterwards we will stop off to snorkeling on a Caribbean reef close to Isla Mujeres. When you get back on the boat there will be a lunch of fish or shrimp ceviche waiting , then we will head back to Punta Sam. We will be Back at , Cancun at 14:30 approximately.

Experience a unique adventure with these majestic criatures, they are free in the ocean

On many occasions you can swim with up to 10-15 whalesharks and due to their gentle and curious nature this will be an exciting experience full of adrenaline.


This is a safe dive that will be monitored all the time.

We go out every day from May 15 th to September 15th   at 8:00 pm, but pick usually is 1,30 hs  earlier  depends on the Hotel Location (check spaces)


What do I have to take this adventure?


●Hat , long Shirt, sunglasses & swimsuit

● Biodegradable sunscreen.•

● Towel.


The expedition includes:

  • Swimming with the Whale Sharks  by groups of 2 people accompanied by a certified guide

  • Round Trip Transportation (Luxury Air conditioned transport)

  • Continental breakfast.

  • Water and soft drinks throughout the day.

  • Fish and shrimp ceviche.

  • Sandwiches available on the boat when ever you want.

  • Complete snorkeling equipment and life jacket.

  • Guides: German, Dutch, French, Italian, English and Spanish.

  • Comfortable Boat

  • Federal Tax & pier


Rates are shown in U.S. Dollars  

Credit Cards & Paypal fees may apply

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