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Scuba Total offers WRECK diving at  the C-55 and the C-58  Minesweepers  shipwrecks in Cancun

Embark on an exhilarating adventure into Cancun's underwater realm through wreck diving—a thrilling exploration combining history, mystery, and adrenaline. Picture yourself submerged in the crystal-clear waters of Cancun, surrounded by remnants of maritime history, from sunken ships to coral-covered artifacts.

As you descend into the ocean's depths, your senses come alive with the vibrant marine life that inhabits these submerged structures. With each dive, you unravel the stories of these shipwrecks, imagining the voyages they once undertook and the fateful events that led them to rest on the ocean floor. 

Through  wreck scuba diving in Cancun, you witness the history and beauty of the underwater world

The Wrecks are the C-55 Barrera and C-58 Anaya, both 2WW navy minesweepers and have been down for about 22 years.Through scuba diving in Cancun, you witness the beauty of the underwater world and become a part of its preservation. Guided by experienced instructors, you navigate through the intricate passageways of these underwater museums, marveling at the intricate coral formations and the diverse marine species that call them home.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of wreck diving in Cancun

Whether you're a novice diver or a seasoned underwater explorer, Cancun offers a couple of excellent wreck diving sites to suit every taste. Each dive promises an unforgettable journey into the depths of history, where every wreck tells a tale and every dive reveals a new facet of Cancun's aquatic wonders.Wrecks are colonized by Barracudas, Giant groupers, and different species of large fish;, and the annual visit of eagle rays that migrate in the winter months. It is an excellent deep dive characterized by strong current.

Scuba enthusiasts in Cancun must not miss the chance to explore Lieutenant J. Barrera C-55 & General Anaya C-58, Minesweepers

These wreck dives offer thrilling experiences as divers can venture inside and penetrate the sunken vessels. However, due to their depth of 85 feet, these dives are recommended for experienced divers who have accumulated sufficient underwater experience.

For those keen on delving deeper into wreck diving, the PADI Wreck Specialty course provides invaluable insights and skills.

Before embarking on the wreck dive, divers typically undergo a 30-minute exploration of the wrecks, ensuring not exceed their No Decompression Limit (NDL). A 3-minute safety stop is also conducted, and for those certified, Nitrox can be utilized to extend bottom time.

Following the wreck dive, a surface interval of 38 minutes is observed aboard the boat. This interval allows divers to recharge before plunging back into the depths for a 45-minute dive at one of Cancun's stunning outside reefs, approximately 50 feet deep.

With careful planning and adherence to safety protocols, scuba diving in Cancun promises unforgettable adventures for enthusiasts of all levels.

Essential Guidelines for Wreck Diving in Cancun


● Wave Conditions: depends on the day

● Current: mild to strong,and sometimes very strong

● Depth::first wreck dive / 85 feets. second outside reefs dive / 50 feets

● Water temp: 75/77F winter, 80/82F summer.

● Transportation is NOT included , but you can check that with us


Dives Include:

● 2 tanks dive

● All Scuba dive equipment ( no wetsuit)

● 1 wreck dive + 1 reef dive

● Personal Instructor  (max 4 divers:1 instructor)



● For certified divers only, with some experience is the most challenging dive in Cancun  (From any  agency. Minimum level: open water diver).

● People with asthma, hypertension, heart or respiratory tract (ears, nose, lungs) problems cannot dive, unless they bring a medical authorization.




Rates are shown in U.S. Dollars  

Credit Cards & Paypal fees may apply

school of grunts at c-55 Cancun scuba wreck
divers going down the wreck cancun scuba
Two spotted eagle rays swimming amidst the wreckage of the C58 Shipwreck in Cancun, Mexico.
diver swimming close to the cancun shipwreck c-58 Anaya
Piece of ladder at the cancun scuba wreck
A scuba diver in colorful gear examines the encrusted hull of the C-58 shipwreck.
Barracuda waiting inside the minesweeper shipwreck in cancun
turtle swimming into cancun wreck c-58 , swith scuba total cancun
Sunken C-58 minesweeper wreckresting on the sandy ocean floor in Cancun, Mexico.
Male scuba diver exploring the interior of the C-58 shipwreck.
: A photo of a scuba diver exploring the C-58 shipwreck.
A photo of a vibrant coral reef teeming with colorful snapper fish inside the C-58 shipwreck, a popu
hull of the scuba cancun shipwreck c-58 ,front
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