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Explore the Depths with Our Wreck Specialty Course in Cancun


Dive into history and adventure with our Wreck Specialty Course, offered exclusively by Scuba Total, the leading Cancun dive shop.Whether sunk on purpose as an artificial reef or the result of mishap, wrecks open fascinating windows to the past. Most divers find wrecked ships, nearly irresistible because they’re intriguing to explore, exciting avenues of discovery, and usually teeming with aquatic life. This thrilling course is designed for certified divers looking to explore the fascinating world of underwater wrecks in the pristine waters of Cancun. We will teaches you the ins and outs of rewarding, responsible wreck diving.

What You'll Learn at the PADI Wreck Diver Course

  • Techniques for diving: exploring shipwrecks, and how to avoid common hazards

  • How to research: learn the background of your favorite wrecks

  • Wreck scuba diving equipment considerations

  • Techniques for entering intact wrecks

  • Experience in planning: organizing and making at least four wreck dives under the supervision of  our PADI Instructor

  • Wreck Diving Techniques: Master the skills needed to navigate, map, and safely penetrate wrecks.

  • Safety Protocols: Learn the best practices for wreck diving to ensure your safety and the preservation of these underwater time capsules.

  • History and Ecology: Gain insights into the history of the wrecks you'll be exploring and understand the unique ecosystems that develop around them.

Materials,Requisites & Gear for your Wreck Course 

The Scuba Gear & materials

● You use all the basic scuba equipment and some scuba accessories such as a dive slate, dive knife, compass,and scuba reels

● It is highly recommended that you have all of your own scuba equipment, as familiarity with personal gear improves general scuba diving skills

● PADI Wreck Diver Manual Book or E- Learning


● 16 years old

● A PADI Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organization)

● Have at least 10 dives to begin the course

● Be fit for diving and submit a Medical Statement (PDF) at scuba & health form

Join Us Today!

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Scuba Total. Whether you're a seasoned diver or new to wreck diving, our course will enhance your skills and open up new underwater worlds for you to explore.


Ready to start your wreck diving journey? Contact us

Scuba Total – Your gateway to the best wreck diving experiences in Cancun.


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Sunlight filters through the crystal-clear waters of Cancun, illuminating the coral-encrusted stairs
A PADI Wreck Diver course student explores the C-58 shipwreck in Cancun, venturing into the underwat
A scuba diver explores the encrusted right side of the C-58 shipwreck in Cancun, sunlight filtering
A pod of majestic eagle rays glides gracefully past a submerged shipwreck in Cancun, Mexico.
A school of vibrant yellow snappers surrounds the C-55 shipwreck in Cancun, explored by a PADI Wreck
A scuba diver explores the encrusted left side of the C-55 shipwreck in Cancun, Mexico, during a PAD
A photo showcasing the imposing front hull of the C-58 shipwreck, partially shrouded in sunlight fil
A scuba diver explores the C-58 shipwreck in Cancun, sunlight filtering through the crystal-clear wa
Unveiling the Mysteries of the C-58 in Cancun's PADI Wreck Diver Course
A captivating side view of the C-58 shipwreck's hull, partially shrouded in sunlight, during a PADI
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