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Scuba total begginers,Cancun scuba , diving Cancun,divers
Scubatotal, try scuba ,first time divers,,Cancun scuba , diving Cancun,divers
Scuba total ,dsd first time,Cancun scuba , diving Cancun,divers

Try Scuba in Can

For Discover Scuba diving in Cancun ,you don't need to be a certified diver or have any experience

"Ready to dive into Cancun Scuba world?  GREAT !!

Scuba Total Cancun's beginner diving experience is the perfect way to start! Our awesome instructors will guide you through your first dive, ensuring a safe and unforgettable & fun adventure.

And if you want to go further try our Padi Courses"

Divers Training in Pool,Scuba total,Cancun scuba , diving Cancun,divers


 For Beginners Divers | PADI Discover Scuba® 

Dive into a World of Wonder: Discover Scuba Diving with Scuba Total

Have you ever dreamt of weightlessly gliding through a crystal-clear underwater world, surrounded by vibrant coral reefs and exotic marine life?  Cancun's Scuba diving offers a chance to experience this awe-inspiring reality. At Scuba Total, we're passionate about sharing the magic of the underwater world with curious minds like yours.

Our Discovery Scuba Diving program is the perfect entry point for anyone exploring the wonders beneath the waves. No prior experience is necessary! This introductory course provides you with the essential knowledge and skills to safely breathe underwater and experience the thrill of scuba diving.

Imagine yourself swimming alongside schools of colorful fish, marveling at majestic sea turtles, or gently exploring a breathtaking coral reef teeming with life. Discovery Scuba Diving unlocks a gateway to a whole new dimension, one filled with adventure, discovery, and unforgettable memories.

Ready to take the plunge? 

Scuba Total offers a comprehensive Discovery Scuba Diving program led by certified and experienced instructors who will guide you every step of the way. You'll learn the fundamentals of scuba diving equipment, safety procedures, and basic skills in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Classroom session: Learn about scuba diving principles, safety protocols, and basic equipment operation under the shade of an umbrella or at the end of the pier under the palapa and overlooking the lagoon

  • Confined water practice: Get comfortable with your gear and breathing underwater in our crystal water pool or ,if weather permits at a calm shallow area.

  •  2 Open water dives: Experience the magic of the underwater world on a guided dive with your scuba instructor.  One dive MUSA Underwater Museum and the other in the amazing Manchones reef


Our Discovery Scuba Diving program is an ideal introduction for anyone curious about the wonders that lie beneath the waves. This program doesn't award a full scuba certification, but it provides valuable knowledge and practical skills that can be credited towards the PADI Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver certification if you decide to pursue further underwater adventures

Minimum Age:

  • Discover Scuba Diving is available for adventurers aged 10 and above.

Health Requirements:

  • For your safety, we require all participants to complete a brief medical questionnaire at scuba & health form. This helps us ensure scuba diving is a suitable activity for you. No worries, it's a simple form you can fill out at your convenience.

Don't let these minimal requirements hold you back! If you have any questions about the scuba & health form or age requirements, feel free to contact our friendly staff at Scuba Total. We're always happy to chat and make sure scuba diving in Cancun is the perfect adventure for you. 

Don't just dream about it – discover it! Contact Scuba Total today to embark on your journey into the incredible world of scuba diving.



Rates are shown in U.S. Dollars  

Credit Cards & Paypal fees may apply


A wide-eyed child on their first scuba dive in Cancun, encounters a majestic sea turtle in the color
A Scuba Total instructor patiently guides two new divers practicing their scuba skills in a pool, pr
Two new Scuba Total divers take their first plunge into the underwater wonders of the MUSA Cancun on
A playful Scuba Total diver shares a light moment with a resident reef dweller – a patch of algae on
Laughter fills the air as a couple of Scuba Total students lighten the mood during their pool traini
A Scuba Total instructor safely guides a couple of first-time scuba divers as they explore the fasci
A Scuba Total instructor attentively guides a couple of new divers through essential skills in the p
A relaxed diver enjoys a moment of serenity on the sandy bottom of the Cancun reef, exploring the un
A group of Scuba Total divers, including first-time discovery divers, excitedly exit the boat and pr
A couple marvels at the vibrant coral reefs and colorful fish on their introductory Scuba Total disc
Two ecstatic first-time scuba divers with Scuba Total Cancun celebrate their underwater adventure wi
A Scuba Total first-time diving duo, father and son, celebrate their underwater adventure with a pho

What Clients Says about Cancun Scuba Total

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Highly recommend! Ask for Gaby, and Fabio dive master

Feb 2024 • Family


Scuba diving was always something I wanted to experience. My Cancun trip was planned last minute and we looked up best ratings for a 2/day certification and came across Scuba Total. We contacted them directly and Gaby answered a myriad of questions that we had. Her clear and patient communication with us reassured us instantly that we can try to go through with our last minute plan and also trust scuba Total to be in support of almost everything we may encounter. She emailed us the e-learning class and we started immediately. It took us 10s of hours but as it progresses, one can go easily and faster and comprehend why it is important to show up on the day of with all the knowledge. Dive masters practice patiently with each diver prior to going in ocean. I was able to complete the course the night before our first class, and passed the final exam. Our dive master, Fabio, was so positive, patient, and fun. We moved on from pool practice to the ocean and I was the first to go in. At the surface, a few instances of nerves immediately faded as Fabio said let’s go in because it’s much easier than staying on the surface. In we went and never a moment after, during and between the 4 dives we did in two days did I feel any hesitation or worry. It was amazing! I saw beautiful sea life in all serenity, including a huge turtle. Moreover, Gaby and her husband went beyond to trust us when our bank payment got suspended for two days under review because it was probably a significant amount & overseas. We avoided the credit card service fees of 6%, and as our bank payment became pending, we had no way to cancel it and use other methods; we knew it would go through eventually. Throughout the two days, we continued our adventures, as Gaby and her husband insisted we focus on enjoying our dives and not worry about the transaction. We appreciate their service and hope to go back for more in the future!

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