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SCUBA TOTAL CANCUN ,offers exciting seasonal expeditions that go beyond your typical scuba dive! Here's what makes their expeditions special:

bullsharks,Scubatotal,Cancun scuba , diving Cancun,divers
BULLSHARK ,Scubacun,Cancun scuba , diving Cancun,divers


This AMAZING dive takes place in Playa del Carmen and offers the incredible opportunity to interact with the bull shark that reaches out our waters between the months of November to February.

The dive is around 75ft / 22mts deep lasting  30 minutes,(according with the new Rules )  all which will take place at the bottom while there is a sharkguide monitoring all the time.

On many occasions you can dive with up to 12-15 sharks and due to their dominant and curious nature this will be an exciting experience full of adrenaline. Click Down and check all the details and Information

Whale shark
scuba cancun total , whalesharks


Explore the incredible world of the Whale sharks in Cancun and enjoy the experience of a lifetime with Us. The Whale Shark conveys peace and tranquility.

 Swimming alongside this gentle giant of the sea  ,is a life time experience  . The Whale Shark migrates each year between May and August, so if you are planning a trip to Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, or Tulum during these months, don't miss the incredible opportunity to swim with the Whale Sharks from  Cancun and take home an experience that you will talk about and share with everyone.Click Down and check all the details and Information

Manta Valley Cancun,Scuba total cancun,Cancun scuba , diving Cancun,divers


The Manta Valley dive is an amazing dive only for very experience divers 

This is an  offshore adventure dive.

WE need to sail for aprox 4 hs to a different series of ocean mountains ,all of them are an  unique  coral ecosystem.

The depht around is about 300 feet, but this coral pinnacles comes up to 70 or 75 feet.

And there is where a Manta Cleaning Station take place

Divers must have at least 50 dives

Nitrox certification is required.

Only Private Charters , max 9 divers



The Sailfish is the fastest fish in the world.

These majestic animals reach our waters chasing the sardine migration

You will only be inches away from the sailfish, right in the middle of their hunting dance

The tour departs very early in the morning

The max capacity on board is only 10 pax 

Guide and Captain are extremely experienced

Is an adventure tour , recommended for nature & underwater photographers,

Participants must be good swimmers 

It is also recommended to have a lot of patience , to find the sailfish can take considerable time, but the reward for patience is very large,you must have an attitude of adventure and be very positive.

Snorkeling Trip  |  NOT diving

SAILFISH,Scubacun,Cancun scuba , diving Cancun,divers

For more information or a personalized quote on our seasonal tours, send us a message below, thank you!

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