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Yucatecans Organize to Dismantle Poseidon's Statue and Offer Its Remains to a Maya Deity Chaac

mayan gods vs poseidon

The Poseidon statue in Puerto Progreso, Yucatán, continues to stir controversy among residents. With the imminent arrival of Hurricane Beryl, the community is organizing via social media to dismantle the figure of the Greek god of the sea, attributing recent natural phenomena affecting the region to the statue.

Negative comments about the statue began shortly after its installation in late May, coinciding with severe heatwaves and droughts nationwide. Residents of Puerto Progreso believe that Poseidon has angered Chaac, one of the most revered deities in Maya culture, known as the god of rain, lightning, and thunder.

Initially intended as a decorative piece, the statue has gradually taken on a negative connotation among the populace. Media users blamed Poseidon for the heavy rains, sparking a mix of humorous and serious reactions. The online discussion intensified when someone created a Facebook group to rally people to remove the statue and symbolically present its remains to Chaac to appease his wrath.

The event to dismantle the statue is scheduled for Monday, July 15. Although it started as a joke, many have taken it seriously, with the group amassing up to 35,000 members.

This initiative underscores the community's deep cultural beliefs and their willingness to take collective action to honor and preserve their heritage.


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