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We have been Scuba Diving Cancun & Cenotes for the last 23 years, and happy to be the top rated dive shop in Cancun



Why not ?  ; )  We are a small family business and Scuba Diving in Cancun has been our life for the last 23 years, we have been here long enough to know everything we need to know to make your diving in Cancun  a super experience ,in other words familiarity with the Scuba Cancun Area is NOT an issue for us.

This is more than just a job, it's our passion, our life and we love it  Also is the only thing we know how to do, better we do it right.

We only scuba dive  in  very small groups. We offer  super personalized and professional guided dives in Cancun, cenotes, or Cozumel., for us you are the most important

And if you are a couple or group of divers, we can customize the perfect Cancun Dive Package for you.

We will try to do our best to meet all your needs, no matters if you are a very experienced diver or beginner.

Our top priority is your safety & enjoyment while you scuba in Cancun Mexico

Let us be your scuba Cancun guide, as you experience the beauty of diving in Mexico, the world's second largest barrier reef,  and one of the best in the World. 

Scuba Total Cancun, probably the most authentic and coolest dive shop in Cancun.

"Scuba Diving in Cancun , like never Before"


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At Scuba Total Cancun, we care for the planet and we care for the people .We believe in a future where everybody cares for each other and the environment. We are committed to making scuba diving accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or ability. Our goal is to showcase the incredible world of Cancun Scuba diving and raise awareness about the importance of preserving the underwater nature. Join us on this journey towards a more peaceful and connected world.

Looking to get your Open Water certification or advance your diving skills? Scuba Cancun Total follows strict PADI standards to certify confident, capable, and safety-conscious divers. With a maximum ratio of 2-3 students per instructor, you'll receive the personal attention you deserve. Learn to dive like a pro with our PADI eLearning and latest materials. Book your Scuba Course today and experience the thrill of diving in Cancun Scuba Total!

Are you ready to dive into the depths of undewater world? Look no further than Cancun Dive Sites! We'll make sure to pick the perfect Cancun Scuba dive site for your level of expertise  . Join our Cancun scuba family and let's explore the ocean together! Check out our  CANCUN SITES icon for more info.

If you would like to know more about Scuba Total or our Scuba in Cancun,Cozumel or cenotes services, we invite you to peruse our reviews from the past decade on various platforms. We value your trust and eagerly anticipate providing you with an exceptional experience.

This is us ,we are a family-owned dive center with over 23 years of experience, offers unforgettable dives in Cancun. Our multilingual PADI-certified instructors only lead small groups (max 4 divers) for personalized attention, ensuring a safe and enriching underwater experience for all levels. We'll take you to the best sites for scuba diving in Cancun , and teach you all the skills you need to explore the underwater world. So come on down and let's dive Cancun's reefs with our expert and super friendly team 

Make the most out of your Scuba vacation in Cancun by planning your scuba dives ahead. Check daily weather reports to choose the best day for your scuba adventure. You can easily access the weather updates by clicking on the weather icon or sending us an email to keep you updated. We also provide weekly weather reports from Windy or WindGuru for Cancun Scuba  and Cozumel Scuba Area dives.

We prioritize high-quality scuba gear at Scuba Total Cancun. Our tours include top brands like ScubaPro Regs & BCD, and Suunto & Shearwater Comps are available for rent. We also offer assistance with your own gear.We can help you to set ,clean  and store it in a safe and clean place. or give some advice if you need it 

Stay connected with the Underwater World. Read  our BLOG.   100%   Honest and Authentic News and articles from  Cancun  Scuba Diving and the the best places in the World for  Dive

Don' t be Shy, if you want further info, details,or any question about scuba diving in Cancun.Please send us a message, and tell us what are you thinking .Thank you  ; )

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Blvd Kukulcan Km 16,3 Hotel Zone Cancun Quintana Roo. Mexico

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