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UnderWater Museum of Art
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We design your perfect dive trip from start to finish

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What We Do

JaJa...Scuba Diving of course,but trying to give to our divers the safest ,most professional and coolest diving experience,of their life.We are in love with the ocean and with every single sea animal 

Scuba Diving in Cancun ,has been our life for the past 22 years,

In Scuba Total Cancun,we have been teaching how to dive to hundreds of sea-lovers 

Every single dive or trainning has been treated with the same professionalism and care, and our clients friendship is just a small proof of that  ,

The  experienced divers like our personalized service, our small groups  but they really love the personal touch  Our  goal is to give you the best  diving experience ever, from the first-timers, to the  divers that already dove all over the world.We want you to feel at home .We are here for you.

Scuba Total Cancun

What We Believe

We believe in a better world,  fair ,and ecologic , with more environmental awareness

We imagine a future in peace where the people cares about each other ,and cares about mother


We want to show everybody the amazing underwater world and how important is for  our own equilibrium

We believe in you and value the time you dedicate to scuba diving, and will offer ,what we think ,its the best for you, based on our years of experience. 

We believe that every diver is different so we offers you a world of dive sites that will meet all your specific needs

We believe in education and high diving standards ,we guarantee the full compliance of that, which means you will receive the highest available levels of diving training

And most of all, we want to share the beauty of our undersea world with everyone

Come and experience cancun diving,and become part of this scuba family 

How We Work

This is not only our job , this our life.

We only dive in very small groups , we don t like cattle boats

We provides personalized instruction, professional guided diving ,and customized packages to meet all your needs. .

Our top priority is your enjoyment and safety...

Let us be your guide as you experience the beauty of the world's second largest barrier reef  of the World

We will  your dive specialist in Cancun,Cozumel, or the amazing fresh water caves "Cenotes"

Feel free to get in contact with us via email,anytime, we will send you our prices, make a reservation,and then ,when you  get here, we will , take you diving and no worries (storage for your gear provided ) 

 We want to offer you the safest &  most personal diving experience in you lifeOur Dive Center offers,fresh water showers,restrooms,dive gear storage , outdoor resting area with tables, chairs, sunbrellas,and a beautiful pool area.We are 25/35 minutes maximum far from any dive site along the coast of Cancun.Our dive boats have canopy and twin outboard motors,vhf radio, O2 , first aid kit ,lifejackets and more,We open 7 days a week

 At Scuba Total Cancun we speak Spanish, English,and Portuguese 

This is how we work , we want to show you that we do deliver what we promise.

We can provide transportation from and back of your Cancun hotel , for a small fee


Who We Are

Scuba Total Cancun is a small dive operation run by professional divers who loves the ocean .We give just the best around  in quality and safety.

We really care for our scuba divers and usually become our friends.  Don't risk yourself and the ones you love, in Scuba Total Cancun  ,quality and safety matters, only dive with new models from Aqualung which are frequently serviced .

Our top priority is to offer the best sites available in Cancun ,Cozumel or Cenotes, so you will experience the best scuba diving in Mexico .Let us be your diving specialist , in instruction,guiding,supervision, or cavern diving,

Our Dive Shop is located in Cancun hotel zone,(km16) near to your Hotel and strategically located close of more than 30  Cancun reefs 

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